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Website Design

Website Design

Leave it to us to bring your visions to life. Intrepid Media provides clients with a comprehensive range of Website design services that turn ideas from mere concept to reality. Contact us today and learn what we can do for you.

Mobile Responsive

Make sure your new generation of clients can see your website the way its meant to be seen on their mobile phones.


We focus on making your content optimized for search engines so your customers can find you.


Stand apart from the crowd with a custom designed E-commerce store optimized and designed to sell more of your products. 

Custom Design

At Intrepid Media, we provide a wide range of design services to transform your vision into reality. Above all, we develop an engaging visual story to make your product or business stand out from the crowd.

The Website Design Process

Your website needs to be a powerful advocate for your business. 

When we build and design a website for your company, we focus on creating a digital place the can;

  • Effectively and efficiently communicate to your market who you are and what you do 

  • Create a monthly flow of people who are interested in your product or service and are ready to buy

  • Give your business the opportunity to build a market of your own that you can nurture and grow adding immense value to your business.

We are able to do this by following a very specific process. This process allows us to not only create a blueprint of the best website for your brand but also a document that can be used as the source for all your digital marketing needs.



A two hour deep dive on your business and digital marketing strategy. 


Asset Collection

Collection of all your photos, videos, and any other marketing material you have



We construct your website draft.



We make adjustments and edits.

STEP 5: Finished Product

By going through this process, we are able to create a functional website that properly represents your company brand and delivers results. In addition to a great website, you will also receive a write document you can use over and over again to create other digital marketing assets  such as social media and email campaigns, landing pages, and funnels. All with the same message and consistency of your website. 

Our Work

Click the slide deck to view some past projects. All the websites we create are the sole property of the business we create them for.

The Process
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