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Intrepid Media is focused on providing quality work for our clients. Our services are about assisting your company in being visible in this fast paced, distracted world. We believe every piece of work we do is a direct reflection on our brand. We partner with our clients and their goals.

Website Design

We are not limited to creating your website on just one platform. We can create Word press websites, Wix websites, and lead pages on many other platforms.  We take the time to understand your culture and the brand to ensure the website we are creating is an accurate reflection of your company. Websites can serve many purposes but ideally the goal is to convert leads to paying customers and retain them allowing them to buy your valuable products over and over again. This is our ultimate goal when we build a website for you.

Social Media

When you decided to become a business owner, you did not sign on to be a social media slave.  We know you want to do what you do best and that is be the driving force behind your company. We can help take some of the posting pressure off your back with our flexible Media management programs

Search engine optimization

The main reason your current optimization is not working is because Google is constantly changing the rules of the game. You can trust in Intrepid Media to stay on top of Googles compliance for your brand.

Paid Ads

Some people think they can just slap some video and text together and through some money behind it and POOF they get results. Sorry to say that is not the case. Whether Google ads or Facebook, there is a level of testing and measure that must occur before they will convert.  This process can be time consuming if you do not have much experience in the field.  Allow us to shorten those time frames and get you to ads that add dollars to your bottom line.

Graphic design

Crisp, clean graphics properly placed could be the deciding factor that a lead will buy. Your graphics are also a direct reflection of your company, the better they are, the better you look.  We can place the images that fit your style anywhere.  Lead pages, digital tickets, websites, printable posters, our graphics are made to suite you.

Digital Consulting

Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. We offer a complete digital assessment of your brand to teach you how to close the gaps in your brand.

Web design
Social Media
Digital Marketing
digital Consutling

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