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What is a cloud based phone system and why is it valuable to your business

A phone number specifically dedicated to your business shows your market a level of professionalism from your brand. Also, when your business is looking for traditional funding one of the boxes your lender may be checking off is if you have a company number. Another great reason why a company number is important to you and your staff is the simple fact you do not want everyone and anyone calling your cell phone whenever they feel like it. This may be another article for another day but it is a good thing to not always be accessible. Some of your clients may be on different time zones or simply do not sleep and giving them 24 hour access to you could cause some unwanted head aches.

Technology has allowed many companies to no longer need a physical location and therefore not need a physical phone. So how do you have a company phone number with no company phone?

The answer is a Voice over Internet Protocol system more commonly known as VoIP. This cloud based phone system will allow extreme flexibly for your business and privacy for you.

A VoIP phone is an application that gives you all the benefits of a business phone with out the need for hardware. You can have a dedicated company number with multiple extensions for you and your team. Your VoIP phone can text, have its own dedicated voice mail separate from your cell phone, and you can call your clients back from your cell phone but the company phone number will appear on your customers phone ID rather than your cell number. You literally can make a business call anywhere you have internet. The cloud based phone system turns your cell phone into your company phone.

VoIP systems are being used for physical location also so you can get a phone system that can grow with your business. There are many providers of this service and there is tons of hardware you could purchase but if you are a solo entrepreneur or a company of four or less with no physical location all you need if a phone and internet.

Two cost effective systems for beginners are Grasshopper and RingCentral. They both have monthly fees and offer a lot for a small cost. They are both available on the iOS system or android and they both offer quality connections.

Here is a list of some of the top VoIP phone systems for 2021 and are leading the way into 2022.

  • Zoom

  • RingCentral

  • Nextiva

  • Dialpad

  • GoToConnect

  • PanTerra

  • Avaya

Two ways you can give your audience reason to not take you serious as a business is no company email and no company phone. Thanks to technology there are cost effective ways to do both. Do not skimp out on this very simple but effective step.


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