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How to Hire Great Employees in 2022

It is no secret the landscape of hiring has change recently and more and more business owners are finding it difficult to find help running their business. I consistently hear the same sentence out of every business owner I speak with “no one wants to work these days.” But is that really the case? Do we honestly believe no one wants to work or is there something that is being overlooked?

In 2020 and 2021 the U.S Government gave out record numbers of free money and single handedly changed the way the working class viewed employment, with in those same years many who worked for companies where quickly out of a job and are now being taught the only thing they can count on is themselves. So many are seeking out a way to create their own business or become self-employed working in the freelance space.

So… in an inflated economy with “no one” wanting to work, and your services in high demand, what can you do to get quality workers to want to work for you?

The way people want to work has changed so the way you operate the business must change. I see so many business owners trying to make their traditional systems fit these nontraditional times.

You are using old bait to catch a new type of fish. You’re trying to hire 2019 employees in 2022 and that simply is not going to work.

So…. how do you create a work environment that fits the desires of today’s employee and still allows you to fulfill your obligation to your customers?

For starters you must know what is valuable to your desired employee and I can assure you it is not money. The 2022 employee is looking for freedom of time and a better life experience. What can you offer that is more valuable than money to attract the right worker? As a business owner part of your job is to be creative and, in this situation, you may have to really think outside the box and challenge how you have always done things.

Full time positions may have to be turned into part-time position with multiple workers, you may have to create seasonal positions or even sub-contractor work with a very detailed contract.

You may have to invest in new technology to shorten the day and experience for the employee. Or create compensation packages that include travel, dinning out, or free education of some sort.

I would encourage you to look at the new employee as a free agent in the professional sport of business and you as the team owner. What is the offer and for how many years? What is guaranteed and what is based upon contingencies?

You must figure out the sweet spot between creating a great work experience for your employee, a great buying experience for your customer, and still make a profit.

Also, stop fishing in the same ponds. Places like Indeed and Monster are a business. They are more focused on getting paid than making real connections. Go back to simple forms of seeking team members. Us friends, business associates, and more direct forms of marketing you are hiring like facebook or your own website.

What is the impact your employee gets to make? Just as customers buy with emotion, employees chose the company or occupation that moves them. They want to work for a cause. They want to feel as if they are a part of a movement. With that in mind, when is the last time as a company you reviewed your mission statement? What is the culture of your company and is it easy to recognize by those who are outside looking in?

Once you figure out how to make these changes in your company the next step is marketing your new offer to the employee. Please, please, please, do not post an ad anyway with big bold letters say We are hiring! They already know that. When you post an ad for new team members (and I suggest you see them as team members and not employees) it is the same as posting an ad for your clients. You have a very short time window to catch their attention. So, when you put we are hiring in bold letters, you just wasted their time and your money.

Try created headlines that speak to their needs like. Part time work for full time salary, Get paid to get fit with us! Or free education while making a difference in peoples lives every day. Speak to the needs of your desired employee as fast as you can.

Everything you do and create must be a new experience for the employee of today from the ad right down to the hiring process.

I would encourage you to really look at how you are viewing your most valuable resource and what can you do to appeal to their needs and desires.

This isn’t going to happen overnight, and the process will take a lot of thought and ingenuity. Take your time and consider hiring a specialist to help.


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