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Do These Five Things Before you Meet with a Web Designer

A website for the majority of companies today is pretty much a 100 percent need but how do you ensure you will have a website built according to what you as the customer desires?

How do you prepare for your web designer? How do you ensure your message is getting across to the company that is going to create your digital voice? Here are five things you should do before you meet with a website design company to ensure you get exactly what you want.

First, do your research. There a lot of great design companies out there and some bad ones too. Make sure you look at the design companies website and look at the quality and time they have invested in their own site. Look at their portfolio, see if they have created websites in your field before, and do not be afraid to as for references. There is nothing wrong with speaking to a companies past clients. This will help you get some true insight into the company before you meet them.

Second, have two or three examples of websites you like. There are many different styles when it comes to web design and you can really help the process along if you can present to your designer a few websites you feel resonates with your brand.

Third, decide on your budget up front and do not be afraid to tell your designer what that is. Most people will try to not say what their budget is in hopes they will get a cheaper quote from the designer but the truth is most designers have a set price and rarely adjust that price. By telling your designer your budget, they can let you know exactly what is available for you saving you both time and money.

Fourth, have as much content available as possible. The most expensive and time consuming part of creating a website is building and adding in the content. If you have pictures, videos, or documents already created, your designer may be able to repurpose them for your website which could have a significant effect on your cost.

Finally, the last thing you can do to help the design process along is have your colors picked out. Brand colors are important and you should have an idea of what colors best suites your brand. If you want to allow your designer to make that decision for you, thats ok but in our experience it is usually a personal choice.

If you head into a meeting with a design company prepared, you can save time, money and aggravation. We can agree there is already enough stress in business no need to have it when creating your site. Follow these suggestions and get what you want in timely stress reduced manner.


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