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Do you really need a CRM for your business?

Today, there are many ways to track your clients, what they buy, their email, phone number and all the other useful information to help you build strong marketing campaigns and sales funnels.

The use of a customer relationship management software known as a CRM is widely encouraged by most professionals. The CRM systems that are out there are typically robust in the amount of services they offer. They can track clients, email them, put them in categories, some can send text, track dollar values, and so much more! There is a ton of value in the right CRM for the right business.

But are you the right business for a CRM?

When you are first starting out in your solo journey, funds may be limited, time may be limited, or both. What is often not spoken about is the amount of time and money that you will invest in using a CRM for your Solo business.

Typically a CRM will be free in the beginning with some limits on the access you will have to the company services and how long you can use it. After you have exhausted the trial period, you will have to pay a minimal fee to keep what you have already built. As you continue to build and want more services, the company will upsell you into their premium packages. That sounds pretty good right? Here is the problem as far as what I have seen with my clients.

The CRM you are using is a software and you will need to be trained on how to use it. You will spend some time going through tutorial, maybe a few Youtube videos and with those videos you are supposed to be equipped enough to hand your new software. In most cases you're not and the customer support is not too helpful in getting you there. Not to mention, you are now paying a monthly fee and you do not need all the services that are being provided.

I want to go on the record saying CRM's are a good thing. However, if you have a handful of clients, and a few products or services, you probably do not need a CRM. You are clogging up your time and money with something you may not need right now.

So how do I track my clients with out a CRM?

You can use a simple Google sheet cleverly named Google sheets. Here is a quick demo on what it is and how to use it for your business.

As a Solo business owner, there is a lot of danger in attempting to move too quickly and purchase things we do not need or worse invest time into things that will not pump cash into or hustle. CRMs are great, when needed.


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