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Never buy business cards again. Do this instead.

There was a point in time where your business card was one of the most powerful tools in your Marketing arsenal. After building a quick warm relationship with a potential customer, you would smoothly pull out that 3 inch piece of cardboard and slide it over to your target and sink in your hook. Now that person will always have a piece of you and your business with them right.... wrong.

Here are some statistics of what happens post business card distribution.

88% of business cards that are handed out get thrown away in less than a week

63% of people throw the business card away because they don't need service immediately

So is the business card dead? The short answer is no. Business cards are still today very effective but how to distribute your card has changed. Today you can exchange information digitally just as quickly as you could slide you card over to your next major client. How? By using popl.

Popl is a digital company that allows you to create a business card that you can transfer from your phone, or other popl device to your customer in less than a second. For less than $20.00 you can have a way to send your information to prospects and existing clients over and over again ensuring you stay fresh in their minds so they can contact you when they need you.

Also, popl allows your market to share your information effortlessly with others through your custom link.

Having a digital card saves your business money by not having to constantly restock on cards. The average business spends $194 when ordering cards. If you have an active business, you could be reordering every quarter. Why spend $800 per year on each employee when you could spend $19.99 once and get better results and reallocate those funds to other parts of your business.

Not only can you save money but you will also be helping the environment by cutting down 10 billion cards printed each year. With 8 billion being tossed into the trash in less than a week, you can imagine the toll on our trees.

Now you can step into the future, add dollars to your bottom line, and do your part in saving our planet, just by making the pivot from cardboard and plastic card to a popl digital card.

Us the button below to save 20% on all your popl equipment for you and your staff.



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