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Meet the Owners of Intrepid Media

We are Houston Website Designers

Intrepid Media founders Joshua Silva and Kevin Pastrana believe every business has a soul. The soul of that business is made up of the pain, joy, passion, and effort of the creator. When a business owner comes to Intrepid Media seeking a website designer in Houston, it is in hopes that we can help them grow their digital identity.

As small business owners, these two understand the need for simple, effective strategies and systems to grow a business and that is what they provide every time.

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We understand not every customer is our customer but we hope to have a positive and                         experience with every business we come in contact with.

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Meet the Founders

Joshua Silva Founder Intrepid Media

Joshua Silva

Owner | Designer

I wasn't always a website designer. I began my adult career in the trucking industry. After a few years working for a large corporation I decided I was better suited as an entrepreneur.  I had no marketing budget and needed to learn quickly how to get my trucking company out to the market and make some money.


Through that experience I learned how much I enjoy digital marketing so I decided to make it a business.  After multiple years in the industry and a handful of course, I am proud to say we have built an agency that provides multiple digital services to over 50 companies.

Yes. I said 50 not 500. We believe it is best to provide top notch service to a handful of companies rather than spread ourselves thin and be of no real value to many organizations.

Image by Anthony Cantin

Meet the Founders

Houston website designers

Kevin Pastrana

Owner | Designer | Developer

Hi I am Kevin.  I grew up in the Tampa bay area of Florida.  After spending some time in Puerto Rico,  I cultivated a sense of adventure and travel that  I enjoy sharing with others and it is expressed deeply in my  work. 

My Passion for technology has led me to a fulfilling career in the I.T. industry.  I have worked in I.T.  all my life. I have been able to combine  my technical knowledge with my desire to help people and I have succeed in creating a path for helping companies  grow and create a strong digital presence in an increasingly demanding digital world. 

Our goal as a company is not only to provide technical content and expertise. Our true goal is to help our client fulfill their brand purpose, create a strong message, and reinforce that message with an iron clad positive image.

                                                                                         Kevin Pastrana

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