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Business Essentials

Tools and contact to explode your business


Business Coaching

The key to a winning business is a well thought out system.  ActionCOACH has a proven method for any business on how to grow into a profitable enterprise.  If you have been in business for awhile and you are not getting the results you desire or if you are brand new and you want to start you business of the right way, you need to leverage the education ActionCOACH can give you. 

We have partnered with ActionCOACH and arranged for a two hour coaching session for any business recommended  by Intrepid Media. Those two hours may be the most valuable contribution to your business we can give you. So many times we slack on the planning phase of our business and it cost us huge amounts of money and time. Set you sponsored appointment now and grow your business.


Your digital business card

Paper business cards are a thing of the past. Popl is a digital business card that allows you to share all your contact information with a simple tap. You tap your popl card to someone's phone and your information is shared instantly!  No more searching for a dog eared business card at the bottom of your bag or tucked into your wallet. No more running out of cards or reordering expensive inefficient pieces of card board. Get your Popl card now.

Intrepid Payments

Get the best payment processing solutions for your business

Having the ability to receive  payment online or through credit and debit cards are essential for your business. But who is going to charge you far rates and offer the best service? Intrepid payment solutions has the answer for you. Check out the website now and get the service you deserve.

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